The TireSpyder's revolutionary technology that put the power of a floor mount machine into
     a light weight mobile system may improve your existing profit margin in several ways.

, it saves time.  Assuming the bead breaks routinely, a complete tire change is done in 5 to 9
     minutes.  The time measured is from the time the truck is in the air until the bead is set on the new tire.

, the machine works equally well at the roadside.  The speed both in the shop and at the
     roadside increases trucker satisfaction which results in more return business.

, the efficiency of the TireSpyder improves employee productivity.  This allows the company
     to solicit new business without the risk of finding and training new tire service technicians.

, good employees are valuable, hard to find, and hard to keep.  The TireSpyder makes
     changing truck tires much less physical.  When properly used, the TireSpyder lifts the tire onto
     the truck.  The heaviest item lifted is the 54 pound (25kg) TireSpyder.  The machine dramatically
     reduces the work of a truck tire change.  This results in less employee fatigue at the end of the day,
     and greater employee satisfaction.

, proper use of the TireSpyder System minimizes lifting and allows the operator to do most
     of the change with a straight back.  This reduces back strain and should result in fewer days lost
     to injury.  Back strain is a major workman's compensation issue in the tire service industry.  With
     the TireSpyder, it is no longer necessary to lift the tire/wheel combination on and off the truck.

, the TireSpyder allows any company with a small truck to compete for roadside repair
     with companies that have floor mount changers on large tractor trailers.
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